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In the last year there has been a dramatic shift in how professionals are engaging across social networks, specifically, LinkedIn and Reddit. Smaller platforms like Indie Hacker and other niche communities are starting to gain followings as the larger ones grow.

The future of communication has begun to blur the lines of personal and professional to embody the concept of personal branding

The beauty of personal branding is that anyone can do it.

The hardest part about personal branding is anyone can do it.

To build a successful brand it requires content creation and the commitment to be consistent with your posting.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network but only 1% of people post weekly. Reddit is dominating with time on site but less than 1% of people comment or post.

it’s far easier to answer a question than have to create content out of thin air.

After analyzing the content on these networks over the last year, it became clear that personal stories around experience resonate much better than any other kind of content. They receive more engagement and lead to better conversations.

In short, people want to hear from and connect with authentic people.

Looking for a straight forward solution that would function as a daily prompt and reminder to create content lead to dead ends. There were lists, card decks, but no basic service that would guide someone to post more content.

Morning Prompt was created to simply the brainstorming process by asking people questions, limiting the questions to one per day, and offering the option to subscribe via email.

The goal is for people to find value and increase their professional engagement with social networks to build their personal brands.

Created and run by Jon Ivanco who owns Boon Road a Customer Experience and Marketing ConsultancyIt originated as a marketing initiative for team based news reader Modacta.

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Like all small movements, the community will likely decide where this experiment takes us, but we’re looking forward to being amazed.